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Treated Wood Foundations & Basements

Made ready to install at the jobsite on your footer plate or ours




·Basements are warm and dry, giving you more square feet of living area that is as comfortable as above-grade.

·Easy to construct, using similar techniques to above-ground construction. 

·Can be installed in just about any weather condition, including freezing weather.

·Typically, a wood foundation insulated to R-20 costs about the same as an un-insulated concrete basement.

·Lower finishing costs, using wood basement studs to install insulation

·Energy efficient; concrete basements can account for as much as 35% of heat loss from a house.  The increased insulating value of wood foundations and basements can help make a building more energy efficient, saving money on heating costs.

·They are resistant to damage from cold weather and cracking, due to minor soil settlements.

·Environmentally friendly; modern treatment methods are nontoxic and safe for humans, plants and animals.  Wood is pressure treated to permanently lock in preservatives.

·Laboratory testing shows a lifetime of over 100 years with minimal deterioration, matching the lifetime of above-ground structures

Pictures of a remodeling job - wood foundation used for addition:


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